Thailand Sairee beach in Koh Tao

Thailand Sairee beach in Koh Tao

May 2014
One of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Tao Sairee Beach, sand, blue water, lots of bars around, with delicious Thai food. If you dehydrate during the dive it here on the beach very quickly, you can supplement fluids … 😉,99.827613,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x3055a1ecea6f3239:0x4002497e01cc6824

A few pictures of the place, done for the day, in the evening, at night, a mix of a few days ….

Close diving school Goodtime Adventure” and commended the Thai diner Bingo”


Goodtime Adventure Diving School. Preparation of equipment for diving. One of the few days of training.


Another place with very good food and great views of the sea. Restaurant Good Time Adventures

This is where we learned to dive Diving School Good Time Adventures, Koh Tao, Thailand. The school is located at Sairee Beach, close to Ac resort. Walk with Toscana resort to this place takes about 35-40 minutes in the sun, a distance of 2 km. On Koh Tao are probably the most expensive taxis, for the course of Toscana resort to resort Ac taxi driver wanted 400 THB, came out THB 200 per 1 km. Compare the cost of renting a scooter for 24 hours cost 200-250 THB. If you find a fair rental and you do not count the original sentence scooter penalty scratch on the fender of 5000-7000 THB then you have a cheap means of transport. (Of course this ryska could already be noticed not only her as a wypożyczałeś scooter rentals are not intentionally scratches scooter to later extort money for these very expensive scratch. When renting it is noted on the contract which is scratched and do some pics of the scooter on each side including the rear) Always on the boat we took at least 2-3 bottles of water at this temperature very quickly and can easily be dehydrated. During the day, on average, have listed about 2-2.5 liters of water a little at night is not what Chang, in this climate Chang tastes the best

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Every evening on the beach 2-3 guys doing a spectacular display of fireworks. Sometimes showing off and throw to each of these flaming balls at a distance of about 7-10m, at the time one of the performances, one boy misjudged the distance and threw burning too much ball, the ball landed at the feet instead of his friend’s head landed next to a guy drinking a drink at the bar fell to the bar …. splashing up the sides, luckily the guy did not burn😉


How hot is too neatly with the fresh coconut in the shade of palm trees ……

I’d love to stay here, but I press on diving, which I have about 13, so I spent a nice time on the way from Tuscany to the GTA, the sun did not give us forget, temp 32 stp a perceptible temperature 38 stp …. 2 km, 35 minutes in the sun doing his, I immediately go to Bingo something to eat and drink coconut (as a curiosity, the price of fresh coconut in Bingo 50 THB 5 , Big Chang 0.66 L 60 THB THB Pattay 60-80, seafood salad 70 THB. Ranked tested and recommended, the food delicious, does not have the stomach after the revolution …..). Before diving is good to eat something light and malopikantnego, preferably 1 hour before the descent into the water. If you eat something spicy, you can sometimes get the hiccups and it is rather pleasant little under water .. 😉

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Below view of a Thai restaurant BINGO at Sairee Beach, I recommend that they have a very good food …… and to this wonderful sea views

20140514P5140385 20140514P5140386 20140514P5140387 20140514P5140398

The road from Roctopus Dive on Sairee Beach

20140516P5160764 20140516P5160772 20140516P5160776 20140516P5160779 20140516P5160780 20140516P5160781 20140516P5160782 20140516P5160783 20140516P5160789 20140516P5160795 20140516P5160796The road from Roctopus Dive on Sairee Beach.

The transition is approximately 800m1000m narrow road between cabins, piles of garbage lying in the ditches along the road, stalls with food, clothes and other crap.


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