Kotor – Czarnogóra (Montenegro)

Kotor – Czarnogóra (Montenegro)


Boka Kotorska – view of Perast


Kotor view from the main gate – the entrance to the old town

kotor_3 kotor_4 kotor_5 kotor_6 kotor_7

An old church

kotor_8 kotor_9 kotor_10 kotor_12 kotor_13 kotor_14 kotor_31

Small gate from north – line the walls of the city

kotor_17 kotor_18 kotor_19 kotor_20

entry on the walls – the beginning of the climb. The temperature in the shade 32 “, the sun about 38“, these two hours walking around the walls of the well we gave the characters, the sun did not save us, we came down from the walls of burnt …..

kotor_21 kotor_22 kotor_23

Church on the way to the top of the walls around the city. When the church thriving trade in water, beer and coca cola. 0.25 L of water 2 euros, but as a person wants to drink sprawgniony pay any money to buy the water and quench your thirst. It is nice to sit in the shade of the church and rest a while, embers raining down from the sky and there so cool and pleasant.

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