Awesome holiday in Malta CoLoR pt.3 – Valetta

P1070647 P1070652 P1070654 P1070660 P1070661 P1070671 P1070673 P1070677 P1070678 P1070682 P1070683 P1070684 P1070687 P1070689 P1070690 P1070692 P1070693 P1070694 P1070695 P1070698 P1070699 P1070700 P1070701 P1070702 P1070703 P1070706 P1070708 P1070709 P1070710 P1070711 P1070714 P1070717 P1070720 P1070726 P1070728 P1070730 P1070732 P1070733 P1070734 P1070736 P1070739 P1070740 P1070748 P1070758 P1070761 P1070765 P1070769 P1070770 P1070772 P1070774 P1070776 P1070778 P1070780 P1070781 P1070783 P1070825

Malta Valetta by Jarosław Kultys 5/2015


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