Berlin East Side Gallery pt.1

Berlin East Side Gallery 10/2014

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P7920231 P7920238 P7920237 P7920233 P7920234 P7920210 P7920189 P7920190 P7920191 P7920193 P7920195 P7920198 P7920199 P7920201 P7920209 P7920211 P7920212 P7920213 P7920214 P7920215 P7920216 P7920217 P7920218 P7920219 P7920220 P7920221 P7920222 P7920223 P7920226 P7920230 P7920239 P7920240 P7920241 P7920242 P7920243 P7920244 P7920245

Berlin by Jarosław Kultys, camera Panasonic GX7/14-42


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