Thailand Koh Samui Nurun fisherman village

Koh Samui Nurun fisherman village  9/05/2014

The place where the camera only records the image, luckily no smell ….. Time 9 am, temperature 34 stp., Felt 38 stp. The air is filled with the smell of rotten fish and rotting food debris thrown out of the house. A few curious pairs of eyes tracking my steps after this small Muslim fishing village, located at the entrance to the road 4170.

Two hours spent in this place, exposed two photographic films 120 old analogue camera the Start 66, a few videos and photos from cyfrówki.,100.0444787,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x3054f30f30b10429:0x1576427fc5c03f4c

A few pictures of the place below.20140509P5090808 20140509P5090809 20140509P5090815 20140509P5090819 20140510P5100975 20140510P5100978 20140510P5100986 20140510P5100987 20140510P5100988 20140510P5100992 20140510P5100993 20140510P5100994 20140510P5100996 20140510P5101000 20140510P5101001 20140510P5101004 20140510P5101007 20140510P5101018 20140510P5101022

20140510P5101024 20140510P5101027 20140510P5101028 20140510P5101031 20140510P5101032 20140510P5101035 20140510P5101036 20140510P5101037 20140510P5101038 20140510P5101043 20140510P5101046 20140510P5101048 20140510P5101051 20140510P5101052 20140510P5101054 20140510P5101055

20140510P5101059 20140510P5101061 20140510P5101064 20140510P5101065 20140510P5101066 20140510P5101067 20140510P5101071 20140510P5101072 20140510P5101076 20140510P5101084 20140510P5101089 20140510P5101092 20140510P5101096


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